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Logan J Parker takes her cue from early influences like Memphis Minnie and Screaming Jay Hawkins. These days she might still throw the occasional blues cover into the mix but her set-list is mostly drawn from a deep well of highly original songs - epic tales of love, loss and betrayal.


Whether performing solo with her beloved Gretsch, or working in the studio with her regular wrecking crew of A-list musicians, Logan has a knack of crafting addictive hooks that tend to lodge in the recesses of an unwary brain. And in a music industry where the number of ‘writers’ involved in each major hit currently averages nine, she is that rare thing: a 100% rights owner and a fierce defender of her art.


Her voice is singular too, like an unusual instrument... by turns raw and restless when required, switching to a subtle caress at unexpected moments. Logan J Parker’s much anticipated debut album is due for release later this year. In the meantime, previews are starting to circulate, a feature film is in the offing and if you’re quick you might be lucky enough to catch her at an intimate live showcase, before such events become a distant treasured memory.

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