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  1. Fire and Rain

From the recording LOGAN J PARKER

Comp: Logan J Parker Prod: Logan J Parker


While you take my body out
My mind is far, far away
You hold my hand in the crowd
It's your lucky day
I might let you kiss me
Your lips are moving but I do not listen.
My eyes stay open while we're kissin'
Your love is a fire
Your love is a fire
But my heart is rain, rain, rain
rain, rain, rain
How can I fall
Can I fall in love
with someone, someone so cold?
I'd rather sleep alone
till the end of my days.
Honey, sorry for being so straight
but you're such a boring date.
You ain't the sun,
You ain't the clouds,
You ain't the music
and your voice seems too loud
and I don't like its sound.