1. Fragile

From the recording LOGAN J PARKER

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Comp: Logan J Parker Prod: Logan J Parker / TIEKS


When I met you
I was just a child
Then stories of you fell from the sky
like summer rain in the night.
Just like a patient teacher
you taught me about the bittersweet laws
of attraction
and as I gave you my heart
I gave you control
gave you my soul
love and affection
Just like an infectious song
people sing along
I want to forget
about the short days and long nights
that now I deeply regret
Fragile, so fragile
Fragile, so fragile
Fragile, fragile
The first love, the first time
the first heartbreak
These things I can't erase
Memories that just won't fade.
I feel so weak and incomplete.
And you're out there and gone
surely having some fun
with another fool like me
and I feel so much shame and regret
I'm sweating pain and despair.
Just like an errant autumn leave
strong winds have stolen and blown
Lost and unknown
in this challenging universe.
Now things seem to be falling into place
Sometimes music, music, music is my
I should just leave my heart alone
Give it some peace and some space
Give it some peace and some space
Cause I need some peace and some
space cause I feel