1. Blue

From the recording We'll Be Gone

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Morning, I'm awake
Just like a caged lioness
stretching out the space
bouncing my tail.
Stuck between science and disgrace.
Don't like the taste of human rage.
We're in this place where things never change.

Can't even attempt an escape.
Nothing to chase.

I'm feeling blue (3x)

Evening, I'm still awake.
Can't blink these shadows away.
My world is in decay.
My word is final.
I say
My love is gone today
and I don't even know if I should stay

If only I could get away
and meet my fate.


Don't even know if I should sail away
Hit the road and never come back this way again.
You locked me in this place
I hate to say but
Don't even know if I should stay (3x)
Don't want my life to go to waste (2x)