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I Don't Wanna Go

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Comp: Logan J Parker Prod: Logan J Parker / Viv Broughton


There's a hole in my heart
Yes, I'm falling apart
Dunno where to start.

There is blood on the floor
Flaming lies on the door
There is guilt
There is hurt
Lights are on but I'm blind
Why is truth so hard to define?

And all the things I adore
they're just so out of hand
Off to that route again
but I can't barely stand (2x)

I don't wanna go (3x)
Tears are burning my face
on my daily waste
in that place that I hate
Where dreams are so out of reach
and my soul bends and twist
There'll come a day it will break
There'll come a day I won't wake up
There'll come a day I will break.


I don't wanna wake up
I don't wanna go
cause every second there
is death killing slow (2x)