Wild thing


Your life, my life. 

Doesn't it mean the same thing? 
Your heart, my heart. Don't they beat the same way? 
Your skin, my skin. Touch it. 
Touch me. 
Do it again. 
Doesn't it feel exactly the same? 

I am what…

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"Music is that very thin line lost in the horizon, distant dream so close at sight. Some say they are far away, those cloudy notes of pure delight. But I sat in the sand, day and night, holding it all…

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Soul on Fire

I asked the moon one night 

“will you light my soul on fire?” 

“I ain't got flames like that star over there.” 

She answered pointing west. 

My eyes rushed through the night sky, 

stumbled upon two lonesome clouds, 

patiently waiting…

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"Love is water running when you're thirsty. 

Love feels like sunbeams burning in your tummy. 

Oh love! 

 Snow flakes falling in the summer. 

 Love is music playing in the toilet. 

 Love is sharing a full bowl 

 of sweet popcorn 


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The Fall

I want hate to fill up my entire body 

and ignite my soul 

I want it all over the table 

Spilling onto the floor. 


I want to slam that door. 

I want to find a way out this misery and…

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Morning Light

In the dead of the night 

I am going back in time 

Going back 

To the days we left behind. 


And I’ll never hear your voice again 

Whispering in my ear in the morning 

Your fingers sweeping away all the…

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"No one has ever seen what's behind that frail smile of yours. 

A thousand words echoed. 

A million doors were shut right before 

 that beautiful and frail smile of yours. 

Tears have been falling heavy in the dark. 

They've warned…

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"If you have a dream go chase it and don't you ever dare to look behind. Your legs will take you there even if you lose your heart along the way." 


Logan J. Parker 

March 19 2019


"One day I'll walk into the room 

without the weight of gloom. 

 Then, you'll hear it in every note. 


 You'll feel it in your bones 

 but it won't weight you down 

 for music is light, 

 sacred pain. 

 The pain…

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Real Musicians

“Real musicians make real music and real music makes fucking history. Musicians are only humans and sometimes unable to cope with something as big and deep as that. Imagine the weight and pressure in this short story. Imagine the glory.” 

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