"I was born and raised by the sea. Learned to surf before I started to walk. My parents were my music gurus, they played me and my siblings the most amazing records one can only imagine, from T Bone Walker to Leonard Cohen. When I look back at my childhood I recall vinyls everywhere, long walks on the beach, endless sunny days, laughter and tears. Music was a natural state of mind. It was my safe place and so, while growing up, it became an essential part of me.


But I ended up working in a bank. Why? I don't know why. Human beings like to harm themselves sometimes and maybe that was what I did back then. I found myself so creatively restricted and stripped of all my hopes and dreams, to the point that I got really ill. One day I collapsed in the bank and at the hospital I was first diagnosed with leukaemia but which thankfully turned out to be chronic anaemia. The shock helped me realise that life is precious and we can’t waste time living an unhappy and unfulfilling life. Since that day, I decided to choose music...forever. Like Bukowski says: You have to die a few times before you can really live.” 


So what I do now as an artist is bound up with who I am as a person. I practice what I preach. I support the Extinction Rebellion movement so I make my records in a fully solar powered studio. And I believe in artist empowerment, especial for women, so I do everything through my own independent company, all my copyrights, everything. It’s outrageous that music artists are still forced to sign their lives away for a pittance – look at Taylor Swift, all her copyrights now owned by her worst enemy!"